Human Development

Organizations are facing huge challenges to stay secure and competitive in cyberspace. Adversary become more sophisticated and hard to detect when launching attacks against organizations. One of the most critical success factor in realizing cyber security initiatives or programs in organizations is having proficient cyber security personnel. Implementing tools and other sophisticated cyber security technology are insufficient when people behind those tools do not have satisfactory knowledge in cyber security

Cyber Security human development is an essential part of perfecting the skills necessary to protect organizations. Delivering hands-on and highly technical cyber security trainings are our main focus in to assist organizations to develop competent cyber security workforce.

We are currently offering two types of training to suite cyber security roles in the organizations.

Penetration testing course is designed for personnel who perform all the necessary steps that attackers would use. By assuming the role of an attacker, pen tester show organizations what could be backdoors or exploitable vulnerabilities that pose a threat to their cyber security. Below is road map offered in penetration testing course

Cyber defense course on the other hand is designed for personnel who defend organizations from adversary and perform neccesary incident response to contain, eradicate and recover from attacks. Cyber defense personnel would alose needs to learn the same malicious tactics, techniques and procedures in order to build response strategies. Below is road map offered in cyber defense course