Cyber Security Audit

Cyber Security landscape has change drastically over the past decade. Organizations are beginning to pay thoughtful attention to cyber security risk evaluation and technical controls selection. While these areas only constitute a fraction of broader Cyber Security Strategy of enterprise, failure to identify and acknowledge threats that lead to poor selection of technical controls could directly put organizations Information assets in jeopardy.

One common challenge faced by organizations is to understand the relationship between technical controls and business risks that these affect. Organizations have started to scrutinize effectiveness of the implemented technical controls. Questions arise whether those controls are adequate and cost effective to protect Information assets from increasingly sophisticated and widely available attack methods. leverages output of its continous cyber security researches and the available industries standards to deliver sharp and optimum level of security audit which allow organizations to understand and measures effectiveness of their existing technical controls. Through these technical and comprehensive audit, organizations could measure their readiness to combat the emerging and sophisticated cyber threats.

Below are technical controls audit services offered by